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Question:  I am the mother of a 13 year old daughter with autism and intellectual disabilities.   I have read that you have written over $25,000 for grants to support community service projects.   How did you do this?  Where can we go to learn additional information about how to do this?
Answer:  My mom and me do workshops and training sessions regarding how to do this.  We share a list of funding opportunities, give ideas regarding service projects that individuals with all types of abilities can do and give advice about how to write a grant proposal.  We will be scheduling upcoming webinars in a few weeks.  You can find out more information about them on our webinars/events tab.
Question:  My son wants to get more involved in community service projects.  Are your workshops for everyone or just for individuals with disabilities? 
Answer:  My workshops are for anyone who wants to make a difference in their community.
Question:  Do you get nervous when you are on the stage?
Answer:  I used to get nervous when I first started doing pageants.  I do not get nervous anymore.  People are nice and they want to encourage you and clap for you.  Besides, most of the time, I cannot see anyone's face when I am on stage and I do not realize how many people are watching me.
Question:  Why do you do so many community service projects?
Answer:  I like helping people.  If I do not help them, who will?
Question:  Are you going to college?  What do you want to do?
Answer:  Yes.  I am going to college after I graduate from high school.  I will need help and my mom is going to help me.  I want to be a police officer after I graduate.  I want to help people and keep them safe.  I want people to understand that individuals with autism and developmental disabilities can help other people and make the world a better place.  

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